2012. június 5., kedd

HU PLO is dead

Yesterday with Toma we were thinking about what could be a good second game, and we decided PLO was the ultimate choice for having a second game. And since I consider HU the purest form of any poker, I decided that I'll put a little bit of effort into learning the game. After watching some DjSensei and TwiceT vids, I hit the .25/.50 shallow tables ($25 max BI). Results are not bad. (The picture was just against 1 guy, I won ~5 more buy ins overall.)

2012. június 2., szombat

Hand analysis #1

Hey Everyone,

Here's the first 'hand of the day' type of analysis. If you can get through me having troubles with my English early in the morning, you may even be able to get some content out of it. Enjoy.

(To see everything clearly go to fullscreen and HD mode.)