2012. február 22., szerda

Partypoker support

Kurva anyád, Suzana, honestly...

Suzana: Welcome to Live Help! How can I help you?
Suzana: Please confirm your last name and date of birth for security reasons.
ADORJÁN: *************
Suzana: Thanks for the confirmation. Please give me a moment while I retrieve your account details.
Suzana: how can I help you?
ADORJÁN: Is it me or are there really not any HU FL SNGs between the 22 and 109 ones?
Suzana: let me check
ADORJÁN: because if that's the case, I'd like to strongly suggest it
ADORJÁN: to have some
Suzana: if you select cash games and then Fixxed Limit and in all other fields leave All will see what we do offer
Suzana: there are games at 30/60, 50/100 level
ADORJÁN: it's SnG not cash game
Suzana: what exactly you have selected
Suzana: the heads up games are under cahs games
ADORJÁN: ok I'm gonna go clear, there are not any
ADORJÁN: please implent
Suzana: under 1 table, Sit and Go there are tables for 2 players
Suzana: FL
ADORJÁN: that's it
Suzana: they are just not names Heads up
Suzana: there currently speed tables with buy in 33 and 55
Suzana: just select Sit & Go and then 1 table
Suzana: then sort the list of tables by game so can see the FL ones
ADORJÁN: 33 and 55 ones are not 2 player ones
ADORJÁN: 2 player = HU you know
ADORJÁN: but as I said, there aren't any, and I would like you to implement it
Suzana: yes, but this is if you look for FL hol'em
Suzana: there are under FL 7 card stud
Suzana: FL 7 card stud Hi-Lo
ADORJÁN: since it clearly doesn't make sense at all to have none of these limits, but higher and lower
ADORJÁN: oh it's so sad that 7 card stud is not holdem...
Suzana: it may have no sense for you , but the games are offered for many and different players- if there is no interest in the games you are looking for they are not offered
ADORJÁN: there are interest on every other site that offers them, so that's not an excuse
Suzana: I can escalate your suggestion to our respective department but will not be able to guaranteetaht such tables will be offered
Suzana: this is your opinion:)
ADORJÁN: that would be nice, thanks
Suzana: and we can keep arguing but this will not add the tables:)
Suzana: I will let my colleagues know
Suzana: and if they decide we can offer the games- they will be shown in the lobby soon:)
ADORJÁN: no, that's a fact - look at Stars, Boss media, iPoker, etc. lobbies - the players waiting there are not my opinion IMO
Suzana: my colleagues will look into this
ADORJÁN: you're right, no point in arguing, just let the department know, thanks for that
Suzana: you are welcome:)
ADORJÁN: that would be all, thanks for your help, looking forward to the changes
ADORJÁN: have a nice day, bye
Suzana: :)
Suzana: I hope we can offer you more games so you can enjoy the games:)

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