2012. november 15., csütörtök

Odds Oracling

Honestly, I have some kind of a bizarre feeling in me for coding macros in Odds Oracle. Since there is little action this time of day, I put together some (=67) Stud hi range macros, so I feel satisfied with my work today, and just after figuring out some steal/resteal range macros, my 3rd street ranges will be complete, and I will be able to use Odds Oracle to Stud hi as I can use Combonator for Holdem. I'm a bit of a weirdo, I know...

Anyway, I want to play a game. If you can figure out what the 'translation' stands for (after the 'more' button), and tell me in one term, I'll send you my macros.:)

2012. november 14., szerda

End of an era, start of a new one

Yep, yesterday I left PokerStrategy as a coach and freelancer. Had my time there, and it definitely was a worthy experience, but I think it's time to move on. I'd love to say that it wasn't an easy decision, but all in all it was. I applied for English LHE coach position, but "they have enough content and coaches at the moment", therefore I'm not needed. Well, their loss IMO. For the Hungarian part it's a bit more complicated than that, and since it's all fresh, I should probably not write anything about it until I clear up my head and have the kind of second, more thought through perception on it.

Also, I've been kind of fed up with LHE lately. For one, the action is either seldom or bad. Maybe not on my main limits, but on higher limits definitely. And I'm not that type of player that will conservatively stick to his main game, or whatever, meaning I don't want to try and rakebackwhore myself to higher stakes, or anything like that. I'm just not motivated by it, I just burn out way too fast and tilt my ass off if money has to be my main motivation. That's why I'm never gonna be rich, but whatever. And although I can see that most of the 'regulars' are straight up awful in todays midstakes games, it - for some reason - doesn't give me the satisfaction I need to play poker without being hugely results-oriented or focused on money. I'm not sure why that is, and in the near future I have to and will think about it a lot, but with all the changes coming to my poker (and possibly real) life, I'm gonna have to review my whole perspective of the game.

After deciding that I'm gonna leave PS (about 3-4 weeks ago) I decided that with FTP coming back, I'm gonna focus on the non-mainstream games, first of all the 7 'other' games in the 10game (7.5 counting that PLO is still an interesting game and worthy to learn IMO). For one, better highstakes games are running in mixed and 'other' games, so the perspective is kind of better for a wannabe highstakes player I think, but also I believe if it comes to that, I can easily get myself to the level to jump back into LHE if needed. However, currently I see little chance of that in the upcoming future. For anyone interested, I still offer coaching for LHE, I feel I know the game well enough, that being a bit out of practice wouldn't affect me that much, and at least 1/10 of the hands I play will still be in LHE.:) Also, it's the method that counts, not the result, and I think I'm more than familiar with the methods.

So just a few words on the present. Since I have little experience learning multiple games at once, and kind of didn't know where to start, I thought it might be the best to accelerate the process by hiring a coach. If you have enough money when you start a new game (especially with very limited learning material available), I'd definitely suggest you to hire a coach to start off and form your learning curve. Of course, for most of the beginner players that's unaffordable, and so they have to stick to the somewhat awful education out there.

So my choice was one of the best ever mixed players I know of, CeeGee. (If you don't know him, check out his Triple Stud series on DC, and his vids on CR - super mega awesomeness!) Honestly, I was very lucky I found him playing on FTP at HU tables, cause I couldn't find any contact info on the internet. He's a great guy, and has such a deep understanding of the games, I really admire it.

Ok, so that's it for now, I'll definitely post more often and a bit more strategy in the future.

2012. szeptember 5., szerda

Tax poker and chinese stud...

If you would know me pretty well, you could figure that Toma was here. I don't think I've ever thought of new games or game variants when he was not around, but when he is, I think we're just brainfarting. We start to play standard 10game, that gets boring (well it doesn't, just becomes monotone) after a while, and then we move on to idiotic games. Here's tonight's new games:

1) Tax poker
I think we kind of proved that this game doesn't make sense game theory-wise, but still, it's pretty fun to figure out why, and also tells you a lot about the game I think. So here we go: you play standard HU limit hold'em, however you cannot see your cards, unless you pay the other guy 1/xth BB (that can depend on the structure etc, we did it with 1/4 BB, but that's too big). When you pay the amount (before every action of yours, you have the possibility to do so, even on the river), you can both watch your hole cards, and the game goes on as usual. However, until then you have to play face down.
Pop-quiz: what is the problem with this game? What is the optimal strategy for the IP and OOP player.
Real question: how could you modify the rules so that it would be a game with real strategy? Can you even change this idea into a real game? And how small the 'tax' should be so that the optimal strategy for 'large tax' wouldn't apply anymore.

2) Chinese stud
If you know Chinese poker, you may find a lot of similarities here, however it's a bit more complicated, and a lot more fun IMO. You and your opponent get 9 cards each face down, and 3 cards each face-up. Now you have to divide your 9 cards into 3 groups with 3 cards in each, matching them with a door-card. If you did it both, you have to name, which pile is for which of the 3 stud games (all 3 has to be assigned to different games), and then you just deal out the rest, better cards by the rule of the game win.
Question: how could you maybe improve this game? Would it be more fun, if for example you deal just 6 cards first, create the starting hands, and deal the 3 river cards face-down after all the other cards being dealt, then you can again assign those cards? I think it would be more skill, less fun, but not necessarily.

3) Double-game
It is a pretty strange idea, and since we didn't play a lot of hands, I'm not sure if it's good. The main element of the game, is that you and your opponent(s) get 2 different starting hands in two different games, but in the same hand (of course the structure must be similar, possibly flop-games only). Also the board cards are shared. In every decision you have the following opportunites: make an action with both of your hands (e.g. raising both, or calling with both), you can make an action with one hand, and fold the other, or fold both. If you fold one hand, but not the other, half of the current pot is your opponent's, other half is still up for grabs.

I'm not sure if it was really understandable, but let's assume a game, where we mix LHE and LO8 at 20/40 limits. Same structure, so it's applicable (we couldn't do it with LHE and PLO for example, because of the different structure). You both get dealt a holdem and an omaha hand. SB has the following options: folds (BB winds 20+10), folds either the holdem or the O8 hand, but calls or raises with the other, then BB gets half the pot (10+5 for the folded half), and they continue playing the other game on 10/20 limit. And obviously he can call or raise both hands together (but he cannot call with one and raise with the other, cause that would be like playing 2 tables LDO). Let's say SB raises.
Then the BB has the option to fold both, fold either the O8 or the LHE hand and continue with the other, or call/raise/3bet with both hands. The same applies postflop.

Variant1: you could make the rule that folding only works together and you cannot fold individually, but that kind of simplifies the game into a general split-pot game with very complex hand ranges.
Variant2: the game format is maybe not that good in games where folding is a big part of preflop strategy, for example PLHE/PLO, so there you could enforce the rule that the folding works together preflop, but you can fold individually later (or maybe just on turn and river or stg).

Playing NLHE/NLO8 in this game would be awesome IMO. Basically playing a split pot game in a split pot game. Yo dawg would approve.

Anyway, that's the rambling for today, I think you'll find these enjoyable, and probably can try it out with someone, I think all these games are really cool (except for the tax holdem, cause it's easily solvable).

2012. augusztus 28., kedd

Shame of poker education #3 - Game Theory Wisdom?

Poker education found a new buzzword for itself - just in the last week I heard it 3 times in videos and stuff: game theory-wise. (Not sure about the grammar tho.) Since jungleman's awesome (see one of the later editions of shame...) video about game theory, more and more people started to build this into their game. Also, since that video we can safely say, that most bigbet players have absolutely no fucking clue what game theory (optimal play) means, and misunderstand the concept.

Just an example: if you flop top set on a board, where it is the nuts (at least in your range) I'm quite sure game theoratically check/calling as a slowplay is awful, unless you for some reason decide to a) never have a cbetting range and b) never have a c/r-ing range (against a 1/4 potbet), which seems awfully wrong to me in a NL game with a potbet left on a wet board. I'm pretty sure since it's the nuts it has to be part of a polarized range that needs to be played in an agressive manner so that we could get the max from his bluffcatchers. Although I'm not a bigbet-GTO-expert I strongly believe that it is the case. (Also the main reason "it's not good game theory-wise" is that there is just a small part of his range that can call our check/raise.)

So please, if you're not sure what it means (or you think you're sure and you're an overconfident idiot - you know who I'm talking about), don't use game theory-wise. Cheers.

2012. augusztus 26., vasárnap

First Live Experience - 8game MTT

It has come to this. I played live. I mean it never was my goal or dream or anything, to be honest, I kind of didn't (and can honestly say don't) like the live aspects of the game. The tells and slow hands and boring waiting time and stuff - that's just not for me. However this was the first ever Hungarian 8game open, and given that mixed games are not ever played live here, I decided to give it a go.

Despite my presumptions, I really enjoyed myself, it was a pretty new experience in poker, and I'll definitely go again - if there will be more. The dealers were as good as someone can be who deals stud games and triple draw first ever - sometimes there were small mistakes, but only(?) 2 really big fuckups. Thinking about it, in ~100 hands it's not that few, but whatever. (Once there was a 5-10 minute 'break' because the 7th card in stud was dealt face up mistakenly, and not even the floor could tell what is the appropriate decision here, and once in the bigbet games we played in the limit blind structure for a few hands.)

The tables were ultra-soft, I've only seen 3-4 players who seemed competent (or at least tight and not that passive) in most games, however I felt even they were a bit too passive and nitty sometimes. I came ~14th from 24, however given that I had at least 4 pretty huge coolers, 1 pretty huge MTT-cooler, and also was card-dead in my favorite games, it's a pretty good result IMO. I could have played better, but I feel I still played my A game (but not A++ as I should've) mostly, despite getting tired at the end.

From here on I'll tell some interesting hands, these were the most interesting hands, and some other interesting stuff. So if you don't care, that's it, don't read on.

I can't really remember any interesting hands in the first few orbits, I once coolered a guy in O8 with nut hi (no low) in a ~12BB pot, and coolered the same guy in 2 hands after that. There was a hand in stud where the highest card out there was 5 (I thin the board read 333455).

1st hand: Stud hi, I can't remember the board, but for some reason I completed 55s3s in MP or something, and I didn't doubt my play there, so the board was probably really raggy (I think I had a 2, 6 and the bring in 2 behind me). The very loose-passive guy calls with the 6 door, everyone else folds.

He gets a Q, I get the 6s. X-B-C. I get the Ts, guy gets a J (his board is pretty much rainbow. He checks, I bet, he tanks a bit, and calls. Turn is irrelevant on both boards, he checks, I bet, he calls (at this point there may be a reason to just check back, but given his tanking on the turn led me to believe that I can make him fold a better pair on the river if I bet constantly). River is a 6 giving me two pairs, he checks I check back hoping to be good against one pair, he tables Broadway... nice hand sir.

2nd hand, NL: I pick up TT in MP, raise it up to 3x I think, BB calls, who seems to be a NL  player (also pretty angry at me, since I overnutted him in 2 hands in O8). Flop is A97r, I cbet half pot, he calls, turn is blank, check-check, river is a 6 of purple horseshoes, he bets out ~3/5 pot. I folded, but I'm absolutely not sure about it. It was probably easier than I thought at the time, but still.

3rd hand: PLO, I pick up AA73 single suited in the CO, pot it up (still 50-60bb effective), the same very loose player coldcalls from the small blind. Flop is Q96dd, I have a BDFD, I cbet around 3/5 pot, he calls. Turn is the Kd, he checks, I check. (I know it's the best barrel card, not against him, not in a million years.) So turn goes x-x. River is the Ad. He checks. At this point I think I have the best hand a lot, but can't see anything to get value from - not even from this guy, but I considered betting still. I think my check was fine here, but a little reassuring would feel good.

Next hand: PLO, I pick up AK32ds in MP, raise it up, CO 3bets (he was a bit passive so far, but I know he's not awful), folds back to me, and I'm pretty sure this call sucks, but given that we would have an SPR of about 3 after the call, and I believed he's competent enough to 3bet a lot more than AAxx I decided to call - in retrospect I hate it a bit esp. OOP. Board is QT9 rainbow, I have a backdoor. I checks, he disgustedly checks. Turn is a low blank giving the flushdraw. I bet 2/3 pot and take it down. Sorry guys that I lied I had two pair, I just wanted to abuse your nittiness.:)

Next orbit I had 2 interesting LHE hands that are not yet to reveal, I may use them as video footage.

Next hand in O8: I get dealt 8653ds in the BB,  there are 2 or 3 limps, BU raises. I shrug and call. Everybody calls around. Flop is some 55Tss, don't have a flushdraw, but have a pretty strong hand. BU bets out, I raise, loose-passive bro coldcalls two, folds to BU, who makes it 3bets. Ok then, I'm probably beat or in pretty bad shape, I call. Turn is an 8 giving me the effective nuts, I mean A2TT and A3TT, A2T5, A3T5 beats me, but that's all, BU bets I raise, bro folds, BU 3bets, I cap. River is an A... Fucking hell... worst card in the deck, I check, he bets, I call, tables TT with something. Mike L would've folded, and I wouldn't blame him for it.

Honestly, I can't remember any more interesting hands till I've been moved to my next table. We were just finishing up the PLO round at my table, when I had to move - to a table where the end of stud8 was played. Well, fuck, NL and PLO again, how I love that.

First hand at the table, I get dealt rolled-up fucking 8s, with 3 low cards and an A behind. Everybody folds. Second hand, I get dealt A4A, take it down on 5th with 2pair+3low.

2 hands later I pick up AQo in MP, I raise it up, chatty, but not that awful (probably live) player coldcalls, BU, who is an older guy minsqueezes with ~12k left (bb is .8k at this point). I smell nuts, but still 4bet so that I could fold to the shove of the CO and call the BU. CO folds that he admits is a worse A, and BU puts it in with 65s. Flop is QQx, guy walks out.

Next hand: PLO - I pot the BU with AQTTds, SB (chatty meh-player) coldcalls, BB folds. Flop is KQ3r, he hesitates, plays with his chips, but checks, I check back. Turn is the 2 of the 4th suit, he checks, I check back. River is the A, he bets pot. I had no fucking clue what he had, JTxx must bet the turn there to rep, maybe KJTx? Maybe AKxx? (I'm not sure he wouldn't bet that on the turn.) Anyway, given his flop tanking and river pot I should've folded, but fishy me calls, slowrolls me with JT9x... Well, fuck you sir.

New guys come to the table, the first table broke. There is a really cool older guy sitting next to me, I double him up in TD with a 6 draw, vs his flop pat, folding the river getting ~30:1 with a pair of sixes. Doubled him up again in LHE raising KTs from the CO, he 3bets SB, Txxx getting it in vs JJ. Nice hand.

We got to the first hand of O8, when I was asked to move back to my original table, where, surprise surprise, we play fucking stud8. I mean we played my 2 favourite games, okay, but playing NL and PLO (my 2 worse games) 3x in 2 rotation is just straight-up annoying.

So stud8, where I made a really debatable play, complete third with KTK, A behind me 2bets, LP bro calls, I call. Guy gets perfect 4, I get brick, bro gets a brick. A4 bets out, bro folds, I call. 5th gives him a 6, and pairs my T up. At this point, honestly, I feel I would fold HU probably, but given the dead money in the pot (and also the ante structure was awfully high, 500 at 3.6k bigbet), I decided to herocalldown him. 6th is brick brick, bet-call. 7th is brick for me, he bets, I throw up and call. He tables aces up no low, having 3 pairs with A64 in the whole. I'll never know if he sucked out on the river, or had it the whole time, doesn't matter.

I'm left with 19bb to the first hand of NLHE, where I pick up TT in the SB, BU (competent, nitty maybe?) asks me how much I have, and minraises the BU. I 3bet - and I leveled myself into not shoving here, because after his question I could resteal pretty wide (at least that's what I thought), so I 3bet to around 8bb. I mean if he knows I'm competent, it doesn't really matter, but I'm not sure he knew. BB cold4bets, I have to call, KK > TT. Bye-bye.

So basically this is the short summary of the 5 hours I played, it was pretty good experience, and even though after writing this review I feel I played quite bad, I still am sure I had a huge edge on the field.

And for Hungarian LHE players, be on the lookout for a short vid on 3 interesting LHE hands that happened and haven't been discussed here (and all 3 I fucked up pretty well).

If you got this far, you're awesome.:)

2012. augusztus 10., péntek

The shame of poker education #2

Today's shame is gonna be from the same site as the last one, but it's just so difficult to find shameful stuff nowadays, cause poker education is so great... ok... I stop...

So same type of pop quiz, question is: you're playing live in the Bellagio 5/T with a 52k bankroll. There are 4 huge fish at the table. 2 of their friend come, and create a new 25/50 table. There are 2 seats left there. Do you want to join them, or stay at the table?

I mean first of all, what the fuck? Am I such a degenerate gambler, that I either have to play with 10 BI for a certain limit or stay at a reg-infested table? Why can't I just stand the fuck up and go look for another good (preferably FL or draw :P) table? Okay, let's assume that's not an option.

The official answer says it's close, but you probably should probably take a shot with 10 BIs (which live is probably should count for less, since the games are usually deep, or will get deep soon). I mean I don't even know what to say, this is just so obviously one of the worst advice I've ever seen... Poker is dead IMO.

2012. július 13., péntek

The shame of poker education #1

Here we go, another column in the blog that will have a post once in a blue moon. Anyway, this one is about the terrible content, experience, posts etc. that you can find by reading forums, watching videos on educational sites, etc. Sometimes it's gonna be just a one-sentence fun stuff, like this, but sometimes you'll get a bit more out of it (I hope). I have a couple of ideas in my mind - well, let's be honest, I have shitloads of examples on this, trying to select the best ones. Oh, and I'm not gonna name the sites or forums where this is from, if you want to find them, you will.

Warning: since my only 2 spoken languages are Hungarian and English, these will be mostly examples from these two languages, but I don't really think it's that different in most other nations.

So here we go, pop quiz on a Hungarian educational site, let's say we have AK on a K992 board, what would we prefer in Villain's hand: 22 or 98? So far 25% (150 from 600) of the people said 98. Ridiculous.

2012. július 7., szombat

GF learning poker #1

Yeah, long time no see... exams and shit, but I'm free at last. At least for the next 2 or so months.

So to cut to the chase, the Mrs made up her mind to learn a thing or two from me in terms of poker, trying to make some money in the process and be a consistent winning player. - Well, that's gonna be a loooong journey, but I put on my 'Challenge Accepted' face, and we dove into the deep sea yesterday.

I wouldn't write this post, if it wasn't for her fishiness accompanied with infinite cuteness. I noted some quotes from her, that I just literally cannot withhold from you, dear readers.

1) In the second or third hand of the session she made a quick decision on the turn with an A hi flushdraw, not letting me explain her the situation. After the end of the hand she was making the excuse that "she must be tilting right now".

2) She was wondering about the BronzeStar display at the bottom of the avatars on Stars: "It's like someone shat on it or something..." QFT

3) Talking about preflop strategy: "I have to rethink my position, because I sometimes forget that the table rotates around me."

4) After a guy sitting down, who we played yesterday with (.02/.04 FR): "He must think I'm a fish, so now he's sitting down to play with me again."

5) Derived from the last one: "Hey, what if we sometimes play like a fish, so we'd confuse other players."

Cutest girl EVER! She's gonna be a killer at the tables in no time! (Not sure if killer in a positive sense, or my bankroll's killer, but I love her anyway.)

2012. június 5., kedd

HU PLO is dead

Yesterday with Toma we were thinking about what could be a good second game, and we decided PLO was the ultimate choice for having a second game. And since I consider HU the purest form of any poker, I decided that I'll put a little bit of effort into learning the game. After watching some DjSensei and TwiceT vids, I hit the .25/.50 shallow tables ($25 max BI). Results are not bad. (The picture was just against 1 guy, I won ~5 more buy ins overall.)

2012. június 2., szombat

Hand analysis #1

Hey Everyone,

Here's the first 'hand of the day' type of analysis. If you can get through me having troubles with my English early in the morning, you may even be able to get some content out of it. Enjoy.

(To see everything clearly go to fullscreen and HD mode.)

2012. május 31., csütörtök

What is the past tense of dream

 I originally wanted to title this post "A dream come true", but after the spell checker said dreamt is not an actual word (lol? native English speakers please confirm), I googled "what is the past tense of dream" - and it sounds way cooler. So here we go...:)

Now that after the hottest month of my poker playing life ever I can hesitantly say that I probably am settled at 5/T (mixed with 3/6, occasionally 2/4), that was one of my dream for a long time. I definitely think that was the dream that took the most time to achieve, and (once again, probably) here I am, at the edge of being a full-time 5/T player (even though I hate it when people say I'm a X/Y player - I just mean the highest stakes I'm willing to play regularly).

You know, everybody has to have dreams in poker I think. Without these goals, that you don't even know if you'll achieve or not, you just play without purpose and motivation. Of course it's not necessarily a higher limit, or something, but still something you can measure yourself to. I remember back when I was grinding .02/.04 and .05/.1 I was thinking how cool it would be to play on .25/.5 - and when I got there, it felt like I was a really good player to achieve that. And, to be honest, I was given the circumstances and what 'good player' means at those stakes. Then the next dream-step for me was playing 1/2, the gate of small stakes games, playing for dollars instead of cents. My first shots to 1/2 took place around early 2011 (I started playing LHE in February 2010 with $14 as my total bankroll, deciding I'll never ever deposit if I go bust). From there my only goal was to move up to 5/T. 1.5 years later here I am, playing the stakes I dreamt of for so long.

But the way to get here was not even close to clear. At February 2012 I went to Gibraltar to have my first ever job at PokerStrategy as Hungarian Community Manager. It was a really big setback for my game, I could hardly play after work, since I was tired and exhausted, and there were better things to do at the time. However in ~5 months time after being close to scoop the SCOOP FL event, and final tabling on some MSOP events, I was ready to leave work, come home and be a full time pro on 3/6, and maybe even higher until...

I was awfully tired in the morning going to work, as I was playing until 4AM in the morning getting 3rd place in the MSOP Triple Draw event. But however tired I was, I was happy - and not just because of my 3rd place finish, and the chance to move up to 5/T, but because I gave my boss the resignation letter the day before, I would see my girlfriend first time in 3 months and going home with her to leave the whole shit behind and start a poker carrier. I was walking into our office with a smile and the idea of telling my colleagues my 3rd place finish, but instead of it I heard the news. Full Tilt Poker shut down. The place where more than half of my bankroll was, and some of my stakers' money too, shut down.

I came home in August 2011 still being shocked by the news and by losing... khmm... half of my bankroll being frozen. I think I had a borderline bankroll for 2/4, but decided to start from 1/2, so that I could rebuild my game after the long break, and to get my confidence back. Honestly I ran pretty good for a while, being able to play (or at least take shots at) 3/6 again. If someone would've told me what was coming, I'd just straight up laugh at his face and ask him for a good HU battle.

But it came. Exactly at the time when it hurt the most - when I got my confidence back and felt I was playing well. Not to cry over it that much: I lost around 1100BB in the next 5 months. Although that might sound like a lot, part of it was because I moved to high rake networks with rakeback, so after rakeback it's 'just' around 450-500BB, but still. I was playing 1/2 at the end, and basically wrecked by that downswing. At some point, I was like if I have to step back another limit I just quit poker or something. The only thing that kept the hope living is that neither me nor fat better players than me couldn't find any huge leaks in my game, but after ~800BBs it's pretty hard to accept that there's nothing wrong, "it's just variance". Still, kept on playing, because somewhere deep I must have known that I'm better than most, and - at least in theory - I can beat the games.

If someone would've told me what was coming, I'd just straight up laugh at his face and tell him/her to fuck off. And now, just 3 months after the deepest point, I'm here. Living the dream. Playing the stakes I thought I may never play. And slowly realizing it is a great feeling - I fear I still can't believe it, but I made sure that this wouldn't effect my game. (It's funny, during today's session playing 3 tables I asked myself what stakes I'm playing at that moment, and I couldn't answer without looking at the tables.:) - They were all 5/T tables.)

And it all wouldn't have been possible without... but really, no kidding, it literally wouldn't have been possible! Without 3 people in my life, who are one by one made miracles in my poker game and in my life as well: Toma, who has been there for me when I was at the real bottom, and still being patient, help me to get through it, analyzing my play, and... just being there. Hood, my coach, who built my confidence from the absolute bottom to the healthy level (or maybe even a bit over healthy:P), and fixed ALL the leaks in my game, and showed me his approach to poker: keeping a balance between grinding and being a solid player. And last, but for sure not even close to the fucking least my girlfriend, who has always been there for me when I was down, and who gave me as much love as I could never imagine I could get from someone, and just accepting me for who I am, and... and for existing really.:) Thank you all!!!

Ok, so that's it, I'm not gonna be this emotional for a very long time now, so don't worry. Will go back to math and analysis instead of emotions and whining.:)

2012. május 30., szerda

Long time no see...

Since it's exam season I had a little blank time in my blog, but it's gonna be updated more frequently from now on I hope.

I thought about starting a new "hand(s) of the day/week" type of section, where I'd go through some actual hands more in-depth, but we'll see.

Until then, let's listen to one of my newly discovered old favourites, the Diablo Swing Orchestra!

2012. május 17., csütörtök

I'm evil too...

Sophie (aka girlfriend aka Woman with a capital W) sent me a link to this picture:
Me: Honey, you know why Good Guy Greg is a fictional character, right?

The real evil...

When someone sets the deadline of a compulsory homework in uni just to 3 days after Diablo III has been released... you get to know what evil really means.

2012. május 12., szombat

5/T here I come... yes

Ok, I wrote yesterday's post, then had a session, and found a benevolenter playing 80/60 with an empty left-hand seat, so I had to give him company. It led to a session where I was actively looking for 5/T tables too, and honestly I don't mind that, I played well, and found good tables. Also I played with Bryce!

2012. május 11., péntek

5/T here I come... not

Good news: I gathered the bankroll that I set to the absolute minimum to play 5/T - it means if good luck comes my way I may be able to forget 2/4 and introduce myself to the 5/T players in the very close future.

Bad news: With the volume I played in the last 1.5 months I can't comfortably move up any limits. I played a session today (first in 4 days), and felt I didn't even know the rules of the game. I was rusty and had to play ~100 hands to get back to the grinding mode. That's awfully frightening for me, I have to play more in the future, and not just more, but frequent too. After the fucking exams and end-of-the-semester shit go down I'll focus on this aspect of my game. I have to, sadly.

2012. május 7., hétfő

Vasorrú Rózsa

//English version

This woman right there is the Minister (Ministress? stress for sure...) of Education in Hungary, who is doing a pretty good job massively fucking up everything she can in education. (E.g. if you attend a university financed by the government you have to stay in the country to "work it back", or you have to pay it back, etc.)

Caption says: "I guess I believe in the witches again... they mostly hurt the kids."

(Why) Do I 3bet A2o SB vs BU?

While you're listening to the awesome music in the previous post, I'd like to address this question just a little bit. I think it's one of the most common preflop leaks in SH LHE players from low to highstakes. At least I think now, but I haven't done any calculations whatsoever, so maybe it's one of my biggest leaks, we'll see.

So do you 3bet A2o vs a regular BU opener? I sure do. I've heard a lot of arguments against it, and very few for it. Let's see those arguments, so that we could tear them apart and see if they're wrong or right.
A few of those arguments (if you have any further, let me know, so that we can elaborate on them too):
  • A2o is a dominated hand
  • if we 3bet with A2o, we either win a small pot, or lose a big one with it (I think Deathdonkey said that for raggy aces)
  • A2o will be in the no men's land on the turn unimproved, we usually have to check/fold or check/crying calldown with it, which sucks
  • (our range won't be balanced, it will be too A-high heavy - that one I made up, but for me it's the only reasonable argument against it)

These are all that I could think of, but if you have any, let me know. So let's get into it:

Against my own BU range:

ProPokerTools Odds Oracle Results (2.05 Professional)
Holdem, Generic syntax
13068304128 trials (exhaustive)
All-in Equity
Equity %51,2244%48,7756%
Wins Hi %47,7664%45,3177%
Ties Hi %6,9159%6,9159%
Wins Hi Count62422618955922256311
Ties Hi Count9037859229037859
Ok, so first off it seems pretty weird that I don't want to 3bet a hand with 49% equity, but I want to 3bet a hand like T9s that has 46%. (Of course HCEQ is not everything, it's more close to nothing than everything.)

Doing a quick HCEV calculation (assuming Villain doesn't cap anything and BB always folds): 0.49*4.5 - 0.51*2.5 = 0.93 SB

So that ~1 SB has to be lost either by not realizing our equity or by RIO and other factors, like BB being involved in the hand.

True Equity calculation:

Let's take an easy example: we bet the flop, Villain calls, we check the turn planning to check/fold if we don't have the appropriate equity to continue. The pot odds would be 5.5:1, so we have to have 15.38 equity to continue. Since we usually have to call down here, and can't continue drawing, we should use more like 5.5:2 = 26,67%. Since we can call/fold sometimes, let's say 25%. What will our average equity be, when we have either more than 25% equity on the turn, or 0. I made a quick PQL script for it, I'll write about that in a later post. Now just accept, that our preflop equity if we always check/fold the turn below 25% equity is around 46.3%. That still doesn't sounds bad, considering we should have around 43-44% equity to 3bet from the SB. Also this script doesn't take into account, that most of the time we're also gonna make him fold equity (or even a better hand), therefore I believe our actual True Equity should be higher, or at least even to our HCEQ. That didn't change anything, let's see the RIO stuff.

Reversed Implied Odds:

That's a yucky one. I'm not certainly sure how to calculate that exactly, but I'd say against a weak range that contains a lot of rubbish hands that won't make that much valueraising hands, I don't think there is a RIO of 1 small bet. In my mind that would basically mean that the opponent plays incorrectly (by not bluffing or vraising thin enough), which we can exploit in theory, so a RIO of 1 SB seems extremely high to me. When I did some RIO calculations in the past, I got around .2-.25 BB maximum to RIO, I'm not sure if it was exhaustive enough, but I got the feel that it won't ever be that high.

About the domination

The hands this hand is dominated by but A6o is not, are hands that most usually split with our hand (or we make them fold by the river):

ProPokerTools Odds Oracle Results (2.05 Professional)
Holdem, Generic syntax
184928832 trials (exhaustive)
All-in Equity
Equity %53,3909%46,6091%
Wins Hi %28,4576%21,6758%
Ties Hi %49,8667%49,8667%
Wins Hi Count5262627640084728
Ties Hi Count9221782892217828

As you can see these hands will split the pot almost 50% of the time. Also in these situations we will have the advantage of initiative and we can barrel them off of these hands quite easily, so I find that argument very invalid. (Also the chance of him having the A and the board to have an A on it is pretty low.)

About balance

Now here comes the tricky part... I think I convinced myself well enough, so that I could say fuck balance in this spot, but let's still take a look at it. Let's assume two different 3betting ranges: one we put together with a friend of mine for these spots, and the other one with all the aces included in it:

Range 1: 22+,A2s+,K7s+,Q8s+,J8s+,T8s+,97s+,87s,76s,A6o+,K9o+,QTo+,JTo,T9o
Range 2: 22+,A2s+,K7s+,Q8s+,J8s+,T8s+,97s+,87s,76s,A2o+,K9o+,QTo+,JTo,T9o

So if we take a look at how the BU openrange shares against these 2 ranges on an A hi dry board (let's say A83r for the extreme).

ORBU vs Range 1: range asymmetry is on our side with 56.6%
ORBU vs Range 2: range asymmetry is on our side (LDO) with 59% equity.

Now range on range it's quite a lot of difference that 2.4%, however I believe that our initial range is maybe a bit tight, and with the offsuit aces included, we maybe can include some more suited/connected stuff in there (Q7s, 98o maybe, Q9o, J9o, something like that), and make peace once again. Also I still don't hate that 59% percent in itself, although seems a bit highish.

So that would conclude why I 3bet A2o BU vs SB, hope I could convince you to do so (although I'm fine if you don't :P), and I hope you liked the analysis.

Any feedback or comment is appreciated. Cheers.

One more drink, Lacikám?

Now that the blog is in English, I'm more than happy to share with you one of my favourite song from the Hungarian Kerekes band, that is a folk-based electro acoustic something. The point is that it's good. So enjoy Mr Hungary. (I'd be curious how it sounds to someone who doesn't understand the Hungarian parts in it... well, since probably those are the funny parts, maybe not as good as it's for me, but we'll see.)

More music from Kerekes Band:

And one more with the famous electronic bagpipe:

2012. május 4., péntek

Chavviness of suits

I've just spent more than half an hour discussing with Toma (a fellow poker player friend of mine whom I speak daily) what is the chavviest suit in poker. We couldn't agree on it at all, so I'd like you to post your order of suits from the pimpest to the chavviest. Also, if you have time, please let me know why you think the way you do. (And everybody who says hearts is the pimpest please also send me your nicknames so that I could instantly mark you as fish.)

My list (from the pimpest to the chavviest): diamonds/blue (not a question), spades(if black), hearts/red, clubs/green, spades(if yellow)

PS: only upside of this half an hour was that I learnt a new word (chavvy)
PS2: BTW the reason for discussing was that he had the second chavviest Royal Flush yesterday. (The one where he flops the draw, and the river completes it.)

//Hungarian version

Tomával ma vagy fél órán keresztül azon vitatkoztunk, hogy mi a legputtóbb szín, de nem sikerült megegyezésre jutnunk. Ha van időtök, írjátok le, hogy nálatok mi a sorrend.

Nálam: ld. az angol posztot.

2012. május 3., csütörtök

The lifetilt of a regular

Dear xxx regular,

This happens when, while being a small stakes HUSnG grinder (and honestly not a good one), you think it's a good idea to sit on medium/high stakes HUSnG regulars. Thank you for letting me be a part of this. ;)

#whynotbeingstupidisevenmoreimportant (well maybe not)

Update: after a friend's comment I realised it's not clear from the text, but it's not me. I'm some part of his 'downswing' tho...

2012. május 2., szerda

Lingo: Protection

This is going to be a repost of my rambling on lingo and protection: here it is in Hungarian.

I've been thinking for a long time, if the first of the Lingo series should be about protection or "raising" (in Hungarian lingo betting is called raising by a lot, also raising called 3betting, etc. #NLFTW), honestly both of them are driving me mad, but the fate has decided for me, so let's talk about protection.

People, please understand FFS, what protection is. Not because I ask you nicely, or because I'm posh in poker or anything like that, but because by using the expression wrong, you just show that you don't have a fucking clue about what you're talking about. So once and for all, let's make it clear for you.

There are two, and only two basic reasons for being agressive: getting better hands to fold (bluff) or getting worse hands to call (value). In specific cases, however, an agressive action can have side-effects (rarely good reasons) for it, which will add a little to our expected value. One of these is protection.

Protection means that you can make your opponent fold a certain amount of equity.. Make someone fold, get it? That's why I get frustrated all the time when I see or hear something like "I raise here for protection against his flush draws". Do you really think he would fold a flushdraw for a-million-to-one? Oh, no? So we raise because we have equity edge over those hands? So we are valueraising, right? Then why the hell you call it protection?

For example, you can bet a smaller pair or A hi for protection in a huge pot to make Villain fold 6 outs against you (they won't ever fold more, so...), and it's probably better than any other option. But these kind of situations are pretty rare, betting for pure protection is close to a non-existing thing in my mind (of course talking about FLHE, not NLHE or PLO), therefore we usually use it as a combination with a bluff or valuebet.

I hope I could make things more clear, and I'll see less "raise for protection against a small pocketpair" type of bullshit on the forums... (I think it's maybe less of an issue in native English forums BTW, still I can hear these stuffs here and there, but in Hungarian it's just amazingly often misused.)

2012. május 1., kedd

Rollin' in Simple English now...

Úgy döntöttem, hogy mostantól a kisebb (mindennapi) dolgokat simán angolul, a nagyobb cikkszerűségeket magyarul és angolul fogom közzétenni a blogban, tekintve, hogy a jelenlegi olvasóim nagy része beszél angolul legalább egy bizonyos szinten, viszont szeretném szélesíteni az olvasói körömet + kevésbé hagyni elveszni az egyébként elképzelhetően érdekes tartalmakat.

// English version

I decided that from now on I'm gonna post the everyday stuff in English, and the bigger article-type stuff in English and Hungarian. My goal is to get you English-speaking guys envolved, so that my rambling about some more or less interesting stuff would get to a bigger circle of people. Hope you'll find it useful, or at least entertaining to read.

2012. április 23., hétfő

Savanyú búcsú

Életének 53. évében, 2012. április 20-án elhunyt Bakonyi Ernő Savanyú táncművész és tánctanár. Többek között az én egykori tánctanárom. Nyugodjék békében!

Habár mindehol egy egyen-tablókép van kint, én inkább így szeretnék emlékezni Savira:

Maybe, it's hard to say...

Minden tiltmonkey-nak, és azoknak, akik meglátják és értékelik a mögöttes filozófiát.

2012. március 29., csütörtök

Sigh + meh

Az itt található 3. kommentre válaszoló 4. kommentem margójára.

Here you go, buddy, hope you like it!

Preflop: Hero is BB with A of clubs A of diamonds

2 folds, CO raises, 2 folds, Hero calls

2012. március 9., péntek

You are god obviously

- hangzott el a "regulár" szájából, amikor párszáz HU kéz és ~50BB elvesztése után kiült, miután sikerült 6betelnem a riverre leeső flush-sét nem nut fullal. Kb. én is így éreztem az elmúlt két napban. Pedig már majdnem elfelejtettem, hogy a húzókkal nem csak a frekvencia megtartása végett blöffölünk... Running like god LDO.

2012. március 5., hétfő

What have I done?

Vasárnap este:
Én: "Elkísérlek az első mozgólépcsőig." (Értem ezalatt a Corvin pláza közelebbi mozgólépcsőjét.)
Asszony: "A metróig?"
Én: "A metrónál hol van második mozgólépcső?"
Asszony: "Mittomén, aszittem levelingelsz."

Másik - ma chat:
Én: "Nézd meg ezt az érdekes videót: " - a terv az, hogy megnyitja, és lepimpinkinelem. (Lásd még: rickroll)
Asszony: "Még szerencse, hogy Linux alatt vagyok, és nem indult el a videó. Dodged it like a BOSS."

Mai kudos + a rinyálás ereje

A Cake bevezette 50$ fölött is a FL HUSnG-kat kb. 2 héttel miután javasoltam nekik. Azt hiszem, ez megmutatja, hogy igenis mindenki változtathat nagy dolgokon is.

2012. február 24., péntek


"Hi Madorjan, I watched through your vid, your play is certainly very good, you already have a pretty strong game." - Hood

Ha lenne ilyen out-of-the-world mosolygós smiley, most beraknám.

2012. február 22., szerda

Partypoker support

Kurva anyád, Suzana, honestly...

Suzana: Welcome to Live Help! How can I help you?
Suzana: Please confirm your last name and date of birth for security reasons.
ADORJÁN: *************
Suzana: Thanks for the confirmation. Please give me a moment while I retrieve your account details.
Suzana: how can I help you?
ADORJÁN: Is it me or are there really not any HU FL SNGs between the 22 and 109 ones?
Suzana: let me check
ADORJÁN: because if that's the case, I'd like to strongly suggest it
ADORJÁN: to have some
Suzana: if you select cash games and then Fixxed Limit and in all other fields leave All will see what we do offer
Suzana: there are games at 30/60, 50/100 level
ADORJÁN: it's SnG not cash game
Suzana: what exactly you have selected
Suzana: the heads up games are under cahs games
ADORJÁN: ok I'm gonna go clear, there are not any
ADORJÁN: please implent
Suzana: under 1 table, Sit and Go there are tables for 2 players
Suzana: FL
ADORJÁN: that's it
Suzana: they are just not names Heads up
Suzana: there currently speed tables with buy in 33 and 55
Suzana: just select Sit & Go and then 1 table
Suzana: then sort the list of tables by game so can see the FL ones
ADORJÁN: 33 and 55 ones are not 2 player ones
ADORJÁN: 2 player = HU you know
ADORJÁN: but as I said, there aren't any, and I would like you to implement it
Suzana: yes, but this is if you look for FL hol'em
Suzana: there are under FL 7 card stud
Suzana: FL 7 card stud Hi-Lo
ADORJÁN: since it clearly doesn't make sense at all to have none of these limits, but higher and lower
ADORJÁN: oh it's so sad that 7 card stud is not holdem...
Suzana: it may have no sense for you , but the games are offered for many and different players- if there is no interest in the games you are looking for they are not offered
ADORJÁN: there are interest on every other site that offers them, so that's not an excuse
Suzana: I can escalate your suggestion to our respective department but will not be able to guaranteetaht such tables will be offered
Suzana: this is your opinion:)
ADORJÁN: that would be nice, thanks
Suzana: and we can keep arguing but this will not add the tables:)
Suzana: I will let my colleagues know
Suzana: and if they decide we can offer the games- they will be shown in the lobby soon:)
ADORJÁN: no, that's a fact - look at Stars, Boss media, iPoker, etc. lobbies - the players waiting there are not my opinion IMO
Suzana: my colleagues will look into this
ADORJÁN: you're right, no point in arguing, just let the department know, thanks for that
Suzana: you are welcome:)
ADORJÁN: that would be all, thanks for your help, looking forward to the changes
ADORJÁN: have a nice day, bye
Suzana: :)
Suzana: I hope we can offer you more games so you can enjoy the games:)

2012. február 15., szerda

DiMat + Csöves

Mivel nem vagyok egy kifejezetten izgalmas ember, és nem kifejezetten izgalmas emberrel nem kifejezetten gyakran történnek kifejezetten érdekes dolgok, ezért a mindennapi blogposztolástól továbbra is eltekintek, azonban ha történik valami érdekes/említésre méltó/aggasztó/felháborító, azt mindenféleképpen megosztom. Plusz még ami eszembe jut. Mai sziporka:

Jövök haza, anyuka a ~6 éves kislányával előttem. Aluljáróba le, az időtől, a hidegtől, az alkoholtól, de saját önérzetétől nem megtört csöves már ott áll, rázogatja a kis műanyag poharát, miközben valamit mormog - kíváncsi vagyok ő tudja-e, mit. Anyuka gyerekkel szó nélkül elmegy mellette, én azért egy "mmm, sry"-t (lásd alant) elejtettem.
Kislány: -Mit akart a bácsi?
Anyuka: -Pénzt.
Kislány: -Miért akart pénzt?
Anyuka: -Mert nincs lakása, nincs munkája... és éhes.

Azon kívül, hogy Anyukának maximálisan igaza van, hogy a fenébe mondhat ilyet? Kislánynak nyilván nem az fog ebből lejönni, hogy (szélsőséges esetben) Anyuka (kevésbé szélsőségesben Apuka) sokat dolgozik a pénzéért, amiből alig tudnak valahogy megélni, és stb. stb. stb. Kislánynak az fog lejönni, hogy Anyuka nem segít valakin, akinek rossz, mert éhes. Kíváncsi vagyok, melyik nevelési tanácsadó könyvben olvasta ezt.

2012. február 13., hétfő

Apa kezdődik!

Eljött a "nagy nap". 1 év kihagyás után újra 4-6-os, újra 6.30-as kelés, újra az életem felét a Bolyai Teremben töltöm. Nem baj, próbáljuk a dolgok jó oldalát nézni, legalább újra emberek között leszek, és újra kimozdulok. Nem lesz az olyan borzalmas, nem lesz... tényleg.

2012. február 8., szerda

BRB Challenge - Nyitóposzt

Mivel az utóbbi időben nem ment valami fényesen, plusz a következő videósorozatom egy FR/SH BRB lesz, ezért úgy döntöttem, pihentetem kicsit a pro grindolást, és azért, hogy felmérjem a terepet, és ne a másféléves tapasztalataim alapján csináljam a videót, illetve hasonlók, egy BRB challenge elé állítom magam. Alapszabályok:

KezdőBR: $150 (szigorúan playmoney LDO)
Kezdő limit: 25/50c FR
Fellépés SH-ra: 450BB
Fellépés FR-re: 300BB (600BB előző limiten)

Cél: 2/4 FR elérése (1/2-n a FR asztalok hiánya miatt lehet kis SH-val fogok vegyülni, erre majd akkor rátérünk)

Let's get on with it.

Disclaimer: a fent említett határokat tapasztalt kaszkadőrökre szabták, otthoni használatuk nem ajánlott! Don't try this at home!

2012. február 6., hétfő

Hogy a francba?

A kérdés nagyon egyszerű: top mikro/smallstakes LHE coach nemzetközi oldalon, hogy a francba lehet, hogy egy 9fős asztalon, amin 2 játékos van összesen, az egyikről tudja, hogy reg - hogy a francba ül be egy teljesen random helyre (persze messze az ismeretlen játékos baljától)??? És így fogadjak el tőle tanácsokat?

((Mostanában eléggé leállt a blog, de mivel rólam szól, ez is jelent valamit - update-ek hamarosan.))

2012. január 21., szombat

HUHU Alapok - 1. rész

Tádá, új videó ezüsttől: HUHU Alapok - 1. rész

Jó hír: lesz 2. rész (a session befejezése)
Rossz hír: nem tudom még, mikor

Ha bármi kérdésetek, visszajelzésetek, stb. van, ne tartsátok magatokban!

2012. január 20., péntek

Nyavajgós poszt.

Az alábbi grafikonon az elmúlt 2 nap eredménye látható: a kék vonal a valós eredmény, míg a piros az utcánkénti várható érték alapján kalkulált eredmény. (Tudom, kóklerség, de valami kell, hogy lenyugtassam magam.) Fontos, a táblázat rake-mentes, azaz ebből nincs levonva a rake (ami a piros vonalat kb. 0-ba vinné, a kéket meg le a picsába). Most már tényleg kéne vmi megoldást találni, hogy ezeket ne manuálisan kelljen begépelni. (Az olvashatatlanság miatt: 740 kéz, a vízszintes szintezés 50-enként van.)

Ideje lenne már kimászni ebből a szarból, mert kezd sok lenni.

2012. január 14., szombat

UPC - 3. (és egyben utolsó?) felvonás

Elvileg... hangsúlyozom elvileg nem lesz több problémám a közeljövőben az internettel. Ez kb. 9 nap, és biztos vagyok benne, hogy több mint 4 óra telefonbeszélgetés következménye. A hiba volt már modemhibától kezdve területi problémákon keresztül jelerősségig minden. Nyilván az idióta IK-hallgatót meg sem hallgatják az ügyben, amikor megpróbálja elmagyarázni a technikus-kollegának, hogy amikor jelentkezik a hiba, offline látszik náluk a modem, ezért fölösleges akkor visszahívnom, hogy rá tudjon nézni. De semmi probléma, végülis néhány adag hazugság, és némi inkompetencia után végre meghallgatásra találtatott a mondanivalóm, és pikk-pakk, meg is oldották a problémát.

Remélem most már végre nyugodtan, problémamentesen grindelhetek.

Miért is?

Ha valakinek panasza lenne a blog szóhasználatára:

2012. január 11., szerda


Jelentem, felvettem 3 videót az elmúlt pár napban, 1 már a belső raktárban, 2 vágatlanul a gépemen.

HUHU alapok 1. rész - 2 részes lesz, a cím mindent elmond, random sessionreview kis elmélettel HU-nooboknak
FLHE Koncepciók 1. rész: haladó preflop játék - a videó, amivel kb. a legtöbbet dolgoztam eddig életemben, remélem megfelelő hatással lesz
Subject #1615 4. rész - balansz, játék jó regek ellen

Ezek mellett van még némi ötlet a tarsolyban, de ezekről majd ha valósággá alakulnak.

Most már csak le kéne tudni ülni játszani...

Szakzsargon: védelem

Sokáig agyaltam, hogy az első ilyen jellegű postom a védelemről vagy az "emelésről" szóljon, őszintén szólva mindkettőtől idegbajt kapok, szóval a sors eldöntötte helyettem, hogy a védelemről lesz szó.

Emberek, értsétek már meg végre, hogy mit jelent a védelem. Nem azért, mert szépen kérem, vagy mert pókersznob vagyok, hanem azért, mert azzal, hogy egy kifejezést rosszul használtok, azzal csak azt mutatjátok meg magatokról, hogy ti sem értitek, miről beszéltek. Szóval tisztázzuk, csak a ti kedvetekért, mi a fene is az a védelem.

Ugye alapvetően két dolog miatt tehetünk be agresszív akciót: értékért és blöffből. Azonban bizonyos helyzetben lehetnek 1-1 akciónak mellékes okai is, amelyek befolyásolni fogják a döntésünk várható értékért, mint például a védelem.

A védelem azt jelenti, hogy az ellenfeleddel eldobatsz bizonyos mennyiségű részesedést. Eldobatsz! Éppen ezért kapok instant agybajt akkor, amikor az emberek pl. színhúzók ellen emelnek "védelemből". Komolyan azt várjuk, hogy egy színhúzó dobjon? Ja, hogy nem is ezért emelünk, hanem mert részesedési előnyünk van felette? Ja, hogy értékért emelünk? Akkor miért nem azt írjuk?

Védelemből nyithatunk pl. egy nagyobb potban gyenge párt, A magast, stb., ha a 6 out eldobatása számunkra +EV (többet úgysem dobnak), és nem jövünk ki jobban semmi mással. Azonban ez azért elég ritka, tisztán védelemért ritkán nyithatunk (FL-ről beszélek, NL-ben, PLO-ban nyilván más a szitu), éppen ezért általában kombinálva használhatjuk.

Remélem tisztáztam a dolgot, és kevesebb "emelek védelemből alacsonyabb pár ellen" típusú kommentet fogok látni a fórumon, mert ez így most borzalmas...

2012. január 7., szombat

Zene: Cara Dillon

Pár perce hallottam a Folk Alley-n, és első hallásra beleszerettem (nálam nem ritka). Minden hozzám hasonló folkbuzinak:

Quality post is fog érkezni hamarosan - ha egyszer rá tudom venni magam...

2012. január 6., péntek

Hol a csúszka - 2. rész

Minden kedves legalább ezüst PS tagnak: Hol a csúszka - 2. rész

Néhány érdekes helyzet, és néhány tipikus NL-es leak javítása. Jó szórakozást!

UPC 2. felvonás és a technikus-argó

Nyilván harmadszorra is elment a netem (UPC ügyfélszolgálat - Madi 0:1), újra support, na akkor most már biztosan kijönnek. Ki is jöttek, kb. 2 perc alatt megoldották az egyébként általánosnak tűnő problémát, és voilá, elvileg nem lesz többet ezzel probléma. Ezért szívtam 2 napja. Amit viszont mindenképpen érdemes tartok megemlíteni, hogy a technikus kollegák rettentő segítőkészek és türelmesek voltak, elmagyarázták nekem is, mi volt a gond, és még a robotporszívómat is megcsodálták.:D Egymás között meg valami eszméletlen nyelven beszéltek, ami ugyan eredete szerint magyar volt, de 2/3-át nem értettem. Vajon az is ilyen egy kívülállónak, amikor Tomával edzést tartunk? Wow, durva lehet...

2012. január 5., csütörtök

Tegnapi edzés + UPC

Mindenkitől nagy elnézést a tegnapi edzés elmaradásáért, az UPC eldöntötte, hogy ha törik, ha szakad, akkor sem fogom megtartani. Pótlás ma 21.00.

Cserébe itt is szeretnék köszönetet mondani a UPC hihetetlenül segítőkész ügyfélszolgálatának. Felhívom őket, nyilván huszonötször meg kell nyomni X gombot, hogy eljussak addig, hogy egyáltalán a gondolat felmerüljön bennük, hogy én az ügyfélszolgálattal akarok beszélni. De nem baj, megszoktam. Már kapcsolják is az ügyfélszolgálatot.

Búgó férfihang jelzi, hogy túlterheltség miatt lassúak lesznek, ezért hívjam őket újra egy későbbi időpontban, ha lehet. Egyrészt ez az üzenet mióta kapcsolatban vagyok az UPC-vel lemegy. Ráadásul a hibabejelentés "kettesgombon" keresztül jutottam el hozzájuk. Most komolyan, mit várnak? Nincs internetem, de a fazon aszondta, hívjam később, szóval majd hívom később. Ne már...

Oké, nem gond, várok. A várható várakozási idő - több mint tíz perc. Nyilván elkergetőduma, várok simán, úgyis kapcsolnak hamarosan, este 11-kor csak nincs annyi hibabejelentés. A várható várakozási idő - több mint tíz perc. A harminc perc is több mint tíz, nem? A várható várakozási idő - több mint tíz perc. Ez ment még egy darabig, amikor egyszer csak: A várható várakozási idő - több mint öt perc. Wow. Waiting skill increased. A várható várakozási idő - több mint öt perc. Végülis 30 perc 5 percnél is több, nincs meglepi. A várható várakozási idő - több mint tíz perc. Na anyád... megnyomták a pisi-gombot, vagy elém vettek valakit?

Újabb 10 perc után kapcsoltak valakit, aki megkérdezte, újraindítottam-e a modemet. EGY: elmondtátok már kétszer a felvezetőszövegben, hogy csináljam. KETTŐ: ELTE IK-ra járok, HÁROM: még sosem ment el a netem, erről a megoldásról még nem hallottam. Nem, azt még nem tettem... Ennyire agyhalottnak néznek, komolyan? Hmm, hát nem látja a modemet, ezért biztos az én készülékemben van a hiba - logikus, nem? Hibáztasd a hülye felhasználót. Mondom neki, hogy nem hiszem, mert tegnap is volt, meg egyszer már visszajött rövid időre, nagyon szolgáltató-szaga van. Kiküld egy szerelőt, de csak holnap délelőttre tud. Fasza, előre látom, ahogy a szerelő itt áll széttett karokkal, és telefonál be, hogy Mariska, itt minden oké, nem látok hibát, ügy lezárva. Mit volt mit tenni, beleegyeztem.

Egyértelmű, hogy a net 20 percen belül visszajött - ez eddig happy time, csak ugye ki a f... akar másnap reggel felkelni, várni a szerelőre, kitakarítani, etc., plusz ugye van internet, úgyhogy nincs is értelme kijönnie, ezért újra a félórás ügyfélszolgálati telefonálgatás következett. Amikor a kéjes hangú úr közölte, hogy hívjam őket később, alaposan meggondoltam, hogy majd felhívom őket "máskor", de aztán annak elkerülése végett, hogy reggel felébredjek a kaputelefonra inkább vártam - és vártam - és vártam. Aztán lemondtam a szerelőt, és megfogadtam, hogy ha még egyszer ilyen történik, akkor beállítok egy software-t, ami 0-24 nézi, hogy van-e internet, és ha a szerződés megállapodott határt csak egy szempillantással is túllépi...

Ez a tegnapom története, várok mindenkit ma az edzésen.

2012. január 4., szerda

18-as karika

Fel akartam húzni a blogom 18+-ra, mivel nem fogok szépen fogalmazni, ahogy sosem szoktam + gambling + mittomén, kispöcsök ne járkáljanak a blogomra - erre asszony ír, hogy nem engedi belépni. :| Ennyit a közért való cselekedeteimről. Április végétől szigorúan 18+ lesz, addig meg a rendszer szar. Khmm... rossz.

Korrekció: kispöcsök alatt nem MINDEN 18 év alattit értek, hanem mondjuk a random tízéveseket, akiket felelőtlenül hagynak minden szarra rámenni a neten. Bár ők meg megnyomják, hogy elmúltak, szóval pointless.

2012. január 3., kedd



Átköltöztem, már ha lehet költözésnek nevezni egy hónapok óta halott blog más helyen való újrakezdését. Nem találok erre jó szót, mivel még csak nem is a régi blogom fogom újrakezdeni, hanem egy más szájízzel rendelkező, más témákat tartalmazó blogról lesz itt szó.

Miért kell?

Nem kell. Sem írni, sem olvasni. Keep that in mind.

Ja, hogy miért érzem szükségét? Nagyon egyszerű a dolog. Amit leírok, az le van írva. Le van írva, azaz valóság. Ezt többször, edzéseken, tanácsokban, stb. hangsúlyoztam már, nem elég gondolni valamit, ha gondolod, az nem létezik, legfeljebb a fejedben. Ami meg ott létezik, az nem létezik. Amit leírsz, az létezik. Mivel már jó ideje aktívabb szeretnék lenni (aktív = nem akkora lusta dög, mint eddig életemben mindig), ezért kellenek elhatározások. Az elhatározás pedig fejben nem létezik. Leírhatnám persze a gépen egy txt-be, de az sem létezik, mert egy delete gomb választ el attól, hogy ne létezzen. Így meg - még ha a bejegyzések törölhetőek is - a gugli archívumában valahol meglesz, és a lelkiismeretes én, vagy akárki más a képembe dörgölheti, hogy ott van, leírtam, ne legyek már fasz.

Hogy az előző ramblinget (ami sok lesz ebben a blogban) összefoglaljam: a leírt dolgok valósággá alakulnak a leírás pillanatában, és úgy érzem, nekem most erre szükségem van. Lehet később nem lesz, akkor majd belinkelek vicces youtube videókat meg képeket.

Ezek mellett ott van még, a PS HQ-n jól megtanult transzparensség. Van - hasamra ütök - 60 ember a skype listámon, van még pár az egyéb IM szoftvereimen. Van ~55 volt osztálytársam, néhány csoporttárs, etc. (A két halmaz ugyan nem diszjunkt, de majdnem.) Van még pár száz egyéb ismerősöm. Hiába imádok magamról beszélni, egy idő után unalmas ezeknek egyesével elmesélni, hogy mi van velem, hogy vagyok, mi történt, így akit valóban érdekel, az majd elolvassa itt, akit meg nem, annak meg úgyis mindegy, hogy azt válaszolom, hogy "ez meg ez meg ez meg ez történt", vagy az, hogy "semmi különös, és veled mi van, annyira kíváncsi vagyok!".

És miért itt?

Ha az a kérdés, hogy miért pont a blogger - miért ne? Asszonynak is itt van blogja (tessék lájkolni meg megnézni), másrészt meg mert ez kézenfekvő és jól kezelhető. De szerintem akiben felmerült a kérdés, annak inkább az a kérdése, miért nem a PS-en, Kings blogban, etc.

Nagyon egyszerű a dolog: mert nem akarom. És ez a világ így működik, nem akarom, nem teszem meg. Hogy miért nem akarom? Egyrészt a PS sima blog-feature-e (ami nem más, mint egy fórumthread) eléggé antiblog-szagú. Nyilván sokan nem kíváncsiak arra, hogy XY mit mond arról a blogról, hanem csak a postolóra vagyok kíváncsi (tökéletes példa erre Nosfi blogja számomra). Nincs blogstruktúrája - és bár évek óta megy ezért a lobbi, nem lett belőle semmi. A Kings blogra a válasz még egyszerűbb, nem vagyok King. Csak egy random user vagyok, aki azt képzeli magáról (és hálazégnek mások is azt képzelik róla), hogy többet tud, mint az átlaguser, ezért dirigál. Ettől nem leszek King, nem leszek senki több, mint egy átlaguser egy véleménnyel, amire általában lehet adni. Nyilván a kis kék avatar mások szemében nem ezt jelenti - jó tanács mindenkinek: jelentse!

Mi lesz ebben a blogban?

Minden, amit belerakok. (Igen, elég egotisztikus lett ez a blogbejegyzés, de erről szól a blog, nem? Meg aki ismer, nem is lepődik meg.) Nagyrészt a gondolataim az élet bizonyos területeiről, múlt jelen jövő all that shit. Nyilván az életemben betöltött szerepükkel arányosan fognak megjelenni itt a dolgok, tehát póker > minden más, de azért lesz minden másból is elég (főleg mivel ez a célom egyelőre, hogy megtaláljam a megfelelő balanszot). Ez a blog egy csatorna lesz számomra, hogy megosszam a külvilággal azt, amit szerintem érdemes megosztani a külvilággal engem érintő és nem érintő témákban.

Érdemes lesz-e olvasni? Fingom sincs.

Mindenkinek boldog új évet, sok sikert az asztaloknál, vagy az életeben, vagy mindkettő.