2012. augusztus 10., péntek

The shame of poker education #2

Today's shame is gonna be from the same site as the last one, but it's just so difficult to find shameful stuff nowadays, cause poker education is so great... ok... I stop...

So same type of pop quiz, question is: you're playing live in the Bellagio 5/T with a 52k bankroll. There are 4 huge fish at the table. 2 of their friend come, and create a new 25/50 table. There are 2 seats left there. Do you want to join them, or stay at the table?

I mean first of all, what the fuck? Am I such a degenerate gambler, that I either have to play with 10 BI for a certain limit or stay at a reg-infested table? Why can't I just stand the fuck up and go look for another good (preferably FL or draw :P) table? Okay, let's assume that's not an option.

The official answer says it's close, but you probably should probably take a shot with 10 BIs (which live is probably should count for less, since the games are usually deep, or will get deep soon). I mean I don't even know what to say, this is just so obviously one of the worst advice I've ever seen... Poker is dead IMO.

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