2012. július 13., péntek

The shame of poker education #1

Here we go, another column in the blog that will have a post once in a blue moon. Anyway, this one is about the terrible content, experience, posts etc. that you can find by reading forums, watching videos on educational sites, etc. Sometimes it's gonna be just a one-sentence fun stuff, like this, but sometimes you'll get a bit more out of it (I hope). I have a couple of ideas in my mind - well, let's be honest, I have shitloads of examples on this, trying to select the best ones. Oh, and I'm not gonna name the sites or forums where this is from, if you want to find them, you will.

Warning: since my only 2 spoken languages are Hungarian and English, these will be mostly examples from these two languages, but I don't really think it's that different in most other nations.

So here we go, pop quiz on a Hungarian educational site, let's say we have AK on a K992 board, what would we prefer in Villain's hand: 22 or 98? So far 25% (150 from 600) of the people said 98. Ridiculous.

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