2012. május 4., péntek

Chavviness of suits

I've just spent more than half an hour discussing with Toma (a fellow poker player friend of mine whom I speak daily) what is the chavviest suit in poker. We couldn't agree on it at all, so I'd like you to post your order of suits from the pimpest to the chavviest. Also, if you have time, please let me know why you think the way you do. (And everybody who says hearts is the pimpest please also send me your nicknames so that I could instantly mark you as fish.)

My list (from the pimpest to the chavviest): diamonds/blue (not a question), spades(if black), hearts/red, clubs/green, spades(if yellow)

PS: only upside of this half an hour was that I learnt a new word (chavvy)
PS2: BTW the reason for discussing was that he had the second chavviest Royal Flush yesterday. (The one where he flops the draw, and the river completes it.)

//Hungarian version

Tomával ma vagy fél órán keresztül azon vitatkoztunk, hogy mi a legputtóbb szín, de nem sikerült megegyezésre jutnunk. Ha van időtök, írjátok le, hogy nálatok mi a sorrend.

Nálam: ld. az angol posztot.

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