2012. május 2., szerda

Lingo: Protection

This is going to be a repost of my rambling on lingo and protection: here it is in Hungarian.

I've been thinking for a long time, if the first of the Lingo series should be about protection or "raising" (in Hungarian lingo betting is called raising by a lot, also raising called 3betting, etc. #NLFTW), honestly both of them are driving me mad, but the fate has decided for me, so let's talk about protection.

People, please understand FFS, what protection is. Not because I ask you nicely, or because I'm posh in poker or anything like that, but because by using the expression wrong, you just show that you don't have a fucking clue about what you're talking about. So once and for all, let's make it clear for you.

There are two, and only two basic reasons for being agressive: getting better hands to fold (bluff) or getting worse hands to call (value). In specific cases, however, an agressive action can have side-effects (rarely good reasons) for it, which will add a little to our expected value. One of these is protection.

Protection means that you can make your opponent fold a certain amount of equity.. Make someone fold, get it? That's why I get frustrated all the time when I see or hear something like "I raise here for protection against his flush draws". Do you really think he would fold a flushdraw for a-million-to-one? Oh, no? So we raise because we have equity edge over those hands? So we are valueraising, right? Then why the hell you call it protection?

For example, you can bet a smaller pair or A hi for protection in a huge pot to make Villain fold 6 outs against you (they won't ever fold more, so...), and it's probably better than any other option. But these kind of situations are pretty rare, betting for pure protection is close to a non-existing thing in my mind (of course talking about FLHE, not NLHE or PLO), therefore we usually use it as a combination with a bluff or valuebet.

I hope I could make things more clear, and I'll see less "raise for protection against a small pocketpair" type of bullshit on the forums... (I think it's maybe less of an issue in native English forums BTW, still I can hear these stuffs here and there, but in Hungarian it's just amazingly often misused.)

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